Getting the perfect cover…


It’s day one of shoot, everything is set but am a bit nervous. I have thought about this, dreamt about it more than once, convinced myself a million times that I have to…. wait… I must start something new!

 My girlfriends are here all too excited about this day, trying to figure out what is best and will deliver the best story. Deep down I am panicking, thanks to me having “one face for all seasons”, I can’t tell them because I know they will not let me get out of this: they have believed in this dream more than I did and they have woken me out of the dream to make it a reality.

 Steve the photographer and his assistant are here,he called me two hours earlier to confirm if we were still on for the day, because I have cancelled on him last minute on several occassions… Maybe because i was quite skeptical or too afraid to start.

 So here comes the big task, the profile picture: it has to be perfect!

 Let’s just say, in the end, I was spoilt for choice.

 Thanks to a great team : Angela, Vaal and Steve.

 Photography : 9th Wonder

 Tie : Woolworths

 Blazer and Shirt : From my wardrobe 🙂







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  1. Thought the days of sarafina were over. Surely, a great art can come from anywhere even though,not everyone can become a great artist..u look sister.

    1. I always wanted to be in a suit like her’s 🙂 some sort of dream come true moment here..thanks bro

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