Get up, step up…


In the month of October, among the things I have prayed and wished for is a cancer free world!

So this is my pink, an assurance from my doctor that my small boobs (according to my doctor 🙂 ) are fine. This routine check up is an experience you can handle every year, I do it religiously.

Put your fears aside, and go for that check up if you haven’t, take him too.

Photography by: Evans Ogeto




Happy New month


5 Replies to “Get up, step up…”

  1. I had to check them photos immediately.. They r simply breathtaking… Feel encouraged gal.

  2. As usual…stunning! #numerouno fan

  3. Mammograms are straight up scary.Waiting for the results… Well let’s just say thank God for a strong bladder.And yes that yearly check up should be religion.
    Kama kawaida you look stunning btwn am tired of sounding like a broken record. Would it kill you to take terrible pictures? Just wondering

  4. I was waiting for a topless photo hehehe

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