My checked obsession


I don’t know how I fall for this trap; trap because I don’t know how this guy get’s me to buy this checked shirts without really noticing that I already have enough… I have this shirt in green, pink (seen this already) and I am still tempted to get it in blue 🙂

Got to admit it though, I have an obsession for  checked shirts. In my world, they are easy to wear, because they suit any occasion: official, casual or just a lousy day…

We are all obsessed with something, aren’t we?

Photography by: 9th Wonder







7 Replies to “My checked obsession”

  1. The photos on telephone house are just amazing! I should do photos around there!

    1. Thank you. Sunday early morning should be quite perfect. Just be nice to the guards 🙂

  2. Again…… You nailed it.

  3. You are an amazing writer, i always look forward to your piecrs, keep it up

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