Follow your heart…


How many times has the world around you believed in you, or seen you beyond your fears and your doubts?

Photography by: Evans Ogeto

I am sure you lost count at some point, or your fears are still holding you back or maybe that little voice within  has not given up  and it’s still reminding you that you can start from where you are.

For me this was the year to start : something, anything (OK, I didn’t start until mid year 🙂 ). The whole idea was to find a new hobby something to keep me on toes, to make my dreams more interesting, wilder and basically move beyond my comfort zone.

My heart found something, but my head was too afraid to align with it. These are the questions that typically ran through my head: are you you ready, are you sure this is it, what will people think,what of the publicity that will come with it, will you survive through it? Answer to all these: let it go Rael, you don’t have to.

Got to admit that I have convinced myself a million times, tried to do new things here and there, but gave up a long the way.

I prayed and asked God for one thing, to take it away from me! I mean, why the pressure? But then, the universe conspired with my heart, friends and everything around me.

Voila! She’s a Tomboy came to be.

I don’t know where this journey will take me, all I can do, I am doing with everything that I have.  One thing am sure of is that the fruits will be amazing. Maybe a new place, new friends , be an inspiration to someone…I could go on.

The best part is that my dreams have become more interesting, wilder and there is something better to look forward to every day. The support from family, friends and followers is just amazing.

So, go ahead, throw you dreams into space. You will be glad you did it…





Thank you for being part of the journey.

Happy holidays


25 Replies to “Follow your heart…”

  1. Nice nice….. I am happy for Yu!

  2. Stella Mollen says: Reply

    Sharp as always, am glad you you followed your heart.

  3. Dare dream on!!! Sky is the beginning.😉

  4. Dare dream on!!! Sky is the beginning 😉

  5. Well am inspired and challenged to pursue my passion too. Keep on keeping on girl. Well done.

  6. your suit speaks to my heart!!! all my suits have that fit/ cut. great look!!!

  7. This is great, I like. Keep up.

  8. Am inspired by your piece, excellent piece of writing.

  9. So proud of you! Way to go.

  10. Am a great fun! Amazing.

  11. Amazing.. 🙂

  12. Exactly, live it. I love the finesse in the suits.

  13. Now this is niiccee.. asante sana, and all the best finding that that fruit 🙂

  14. On point! 👌🏽 sky is just a stepping stone👊🏽

  15. Awesome piece, follow your heart Rael and kudos

  16. I would love to know who made that suit for you.Sharp!!!!

  17. Wow!! I am absolutely in love with that ladies’ suit. Looking absolutely beautiful in it. Got me thinking of a feature in my blog in as much its for the gentlemen. I mean you look that good….

    1. Thank you. On that feature, that could be worked on 🙂

  18. Reading this today, it actually feels like am reading it for the first time, yet i have read this your wonderful piece before, it doesnt get old!!! Such inspiration is needed day in day out, to remind us to chase our dreams, more often we procastinate or grow cold feet to chase our dreams coz they scare us!

  19. New to your blog and this is my fave so far. So deep and so true. I love it!

    1. Thank you Viv and welcome on board.

  20. classic and timeless look

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