Little shiny something…



You look at the shoe corner (somehow all my shoes end up in corners)…and there is this little girl trying hard to pull out her neck to be noticed…you give her this glance and you can almost feel her smile, an assurance that she will not disappoint your other choice of clothes. What do you do? Wave a good morning and tell her, sweetheart… take a lead on how we are going to look today.

All shiny and excited, I want the attention to be on the only shiny part of my body today: my feet. So picking the other pieces to wear is more of a calm affair, a mix of what I consider “not competing” for attention so as to give the right focus to the shoes.

Black is always on my mind because half my life is spent in black clothes. I am throwing in the brown jacket because of the unpredictable Nairobi weather : it gives the necessary warmth and still looks great when rained on. Plus, it’s the only piece I have that compliment the shoes.

Happy with the final look :). ..I’m here thinking, what took me so long to put these shoes on… So go ahead, pick that little shiny something that you have been ignoring for so long, you just might discover a new feeling. My new feeling is shiny!!!

Photography by:  9th Wonder

shoot location: Savannah coffee lounge- upperhill











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  1. Stella Mollen says: Reply

    Great read, and I love the shoes, I wish we shared shoe size, looking great dear, continue doing what you do best.

  2. I have a shiny handbag somewhere in my closet, saved for special occasions, which funnily enough, haven’t come through yet, reading this, am like, what the heck, am just gonna carry it any day i want, to hell with the special occasions, Kudos for inspiring me.

    1. You are a special occasion, treat yourself to it 🙂

  3. This actually came at the right time…. I am on bed rest for the next week and a half and I glance at my special occasion garments, shoes, bags etc and I am making a decision today to stop saving for a special occasion and be the special occasion. Thanks for the push. Little shiny something here I come.

  4. Lovely piece Recho…

  5. Haha my mama used to call ‘so called special occasion clothes’nguo za safari.Let her catch you donning any of those she considered safari clothes at your own risk….spare the rod and spoil the child was invented for such instances…at least in her mind anyway.Thank God I buy my own clothes now,any day is nguo ya safari day.

  6. I am so glad I read this piece. I am just about to jump into that shiny little something. Watch me…

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