Why your man will love you in that Tomboy look…

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Do you ever look at his clothes and imagine how great his pieces would look on you? Most probably you will not admit it, but you know too well how it feels to be in his shirt, the excitement you get when you steal his pair of socks and just how much you love walking around in his sports shorts…

Good thing is, he enjoys seeing you in his clothes too!

Why ? It screams you have confidence in his style, an assurance that he is doing it right and I mean who doesn’t want to see his or her reflection through someone else’s eyes?

So today’s post has been inspired by the male suit. The elegance, confidence and sense of power that comes with it.  The jewellery and shoes keep it feminine.

Photographer: Otieno Nyadimo

Shoot location: Kiserian, Kajiado county

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  1. Stella Mollen says: Reply

    Mmmmmmmh, nice. I love

  2. I love I love

  3. On the sport shorts and socks I am soooo guilty yaaanni at a sijui where socks are bought 😂😂😂😂 well looking glam as usual. Hio stori ingine tuongee Kando.

  4. https://Suitup55.wordpress.com signing in the @She’satomboy register. I absolutely love both looks and the creativity in the pictures. I mean, i love how you wore the exact same colors as the gentleman but added the feminine side into it with everything especially the heels.Great Styling Rael.

    1. Thank you Bernard.

  5. wow, i love those photos..

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