The wedding half coat suit and bow-tie…


Happy Thursday dear readers,

I hope January is being fair to you so far. I must admit that I am still stuck  on some good memories that I keep revisiting to just be in the moment.

Last year was quite eventful! Top on the list was a good number of weddings to attend ( friends and relatives all decided to  get married in the same year)… nature is sending a sign.

Seeing that every time I make dresses for weddings, I almost never wear them again,  this time round, I decided to go with my new found love and a piece that I can always go back to: the half coat suit and a bow-tie to compliment the look.

End result… be the judge.

Photography by : Wanja Ndegwa

Shoot location: Sopa lodge Naivasha



Love &love



11 Replies to “The wedding half coat suit and bow-tie…”

  1. A woman after my own taste. Awesome stuff!!

  2. But you looked amazing! Or better still, you always look amazing 😊

  3. she is a tomboy! Looking great though

  4. Gorgeous!

  5. Been doing squats? Hmmnnn…looking sharp.

    1. 😉 I am tempted to say yes…

  6. This is amazing. I wouldn’t mind this wear at all. Nice choice of colors too. How can one get this?

  7. Awesome

  8. YEEEEESSS!!!!! A waist coat , a shirt and a bowtie. Perfect Combo!!!

  9. you nailed it…do you ever do heels??

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