In his clothes: T-shirt and shorts…

Happy Wednesday everyone,

I hope July went well for you (perhaps made a baby).

In today’s quick post, I am playing with two male pieces: a muscle shirt (take my word for it) and a pair of male shorts. As for the shoes, I still have this soft spot for them. I loved the comfort of the end result

All in all, let me know what you think…

T-shirt & shorts : Thrift

Shoes: Bata Kenya

Photographer: Evans Ogeto


Love & Love


10 Replies to “In his clothes: T-shirt and shorts…”

  1. Absolutely love the look… boyish yet stylish and chilled

    1. Thank you dear…

  2. Nothing says Kenya like Safari Boots. I like the simple and neat look

  3. Looking good…now l’m coming with a shopping basket at yo place looks like goodies are jus just increasing..

    1. No way….you are not getting any close 🙂

  4. Looking good…..I love😍😍

  5. Bado A game.

  6. I love the look

  7. My God. You look delicious. A real Tomboy.

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