Fashion statement…The Gold Tuxedo shorts

You will meet people in life who will love you for you. No pasts or thoughts of what you might become…. It will be love on the spot kind of thing. When and if that moment happens, believe me you will know.

So, what do you do? You love them right back.

When I met Vivienne Taa after the BAKE Awards nomination (she was the official sponsor of the category), I knew right there and then, that I had met someone who’s work was going to speak to my heart. Being the kind of person who rarely knows what I want when it comes to what to wear, (by now you know I would easily pick black).  I told her to just surprise me.

How bold can you go? She asked.

Kindly feel free to play with any other colour but yellow…

Then came collection day, oh my ! Never would I have imagined this. Quite frankly, I was in love with the surprise. I should have posted this earlier, unfortunately I was away touring the world on the awards day.

So, today I present to you, my Golden Tuxedo Shorts (I hope this is right).


A little personal touch…

I decided to give it a personal touch(the shiny top)  for a dinner date. Totally loved the end result.

Dressed by : Vivianne Taa

Shoes: hisherscollection

Photography : Evans Ogeto

Shoot location 1 : United pictures studio along state house road

Shoot location 2: Crowne Plaza, upperhill

Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts.

Love & Love.



16 Replies to “Fashion statement…The Gold Tuxedo shorts”

  1. This one is a winner! As a huge lover of shorts, I would say you pulled it off perfectly to suit several occasions. Lovely!

    1. Thank you Fatuma

  2. You look amazing!

  3. Love your boldness. You rock

    1. Thanks dear

  4. Looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

    1. Thank you Thank you dear

  5. I cant have enough of this photos, from the tux to the shorts!!!
    Its simply perfect!!

    1. Awwwwh, thank you dear

  6. Lovely … and yes very BOLD. Not so many ladies would dare.

    1. Thank you Pablo

  7. Love the tux paired with the shorts and as well how you styled it differently on the last pics!
    Beautifully styled.

    1. Thank you Benard

  8. I would also rockbthosnone. I love I love it I love it.. Those shorts any day

  9. I would also rock this one. I love I love it I love it.. Those shorts any day

  10. very bold indeed…can i join your photo shoots some day just to have a field day?

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