Little shiny something…

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  You look at the shoe corner (somehow all my shoes end up in corners)…and there is this little girl trying hard to pull out her neck to be noticed…you give her this glance and you can almost feel her smile, an assurance that she will not disappoint your other choice of clothes. What do you […]

Of friends and sites…

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I am meeting an old friend from my teenage years, you know those bucket list kind of things 🙂 . It’s  been over ten years since we met, thanks to social media, here we are . A million thoughts are running through my head: will I still like his face, has he grown a bald […]

2015 in review – Many thanks

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From She’s a Tomboy, we are saying asante sana, thank you very much. We made it through your support. Looking forward to a more exciting 2016. Please find herein the stats according to WordPress.   Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2015. […]

My checked obsession

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I don’t know how I fall for this trap; trap because I don’t know how this guy get’s me to buy this checked shirts without really noticing that I already have enough… I have this shirt in green, pink (seen this already) and I am still tempted to get it in blue 🙂

Get up, step up…

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In the month of October, among the things I have prayed and wished for is a cancer free world! So this is my pink, an assurance from my doctor that my small boobs (according to my doctor 🙂 ) are fine. This routine check up is an experience you can handle every year, I do […]


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This is the part of my life called listening to the people around me. I don’t experiment much with color, if asked, I would ordinarily go for colors that do not announce my presence.

Denim on Denim to the game…

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It’s Sunday… church day, it’s also the boys day out (Vaal has become part of the boys 🙂 ) and it’s game day : Kenya’s Harambee stars and Zambia’s Chipolopolo are playing. So what to wear ; without looking lost in church, fitting in with the boys and being part of the game.