A day in the life of a reader….

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What if I took a front seat and watched you on the podium that is She’s A Tomboy? In your own way as the Tomboy tribe, what would you put out here for us? Most days I am curious about what goes on in your minds. You diligently come here weekly;  some silently read and […]

Live free or die!

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    “What are you afraid of ? “ I asked. ” Rael, You seem all together and strong willed so I am taking my time to learn and grow. “ “But I have a soft and vulnerable side too” “It doesn’t show, but all I have is time to get to learn” This is exactly […]

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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From wherever you are reading this, I hope that you are fierce, bold,  loved and appreciated. I hope that the people you love, also know that you love them by how you treat them. Above all, I hope that every time you look at yourself in the mirror, you are tremendously proud of who you […]