May Bow Tie Edition…

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Have you ever tried starting out on  something different,  well thought out plan, the excitement that builds up, the braveness beyond all the unknowns,the well thought out answers to questions that might be thrown your way? Then there is fear, fear reminds us how cool our comfort zones are, how we can’t handle new waves and further […]

About that Tomboy lifestyle…

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Last month, we hosted a GIVEAWAY to reward one of our Facebook readers with a photo shoot. The feedback was amazing. Thank you to all the participants and all our readers for your compliments, comments and or suggestions. Meet Ms. Joan, the winner…. How would you describe Joan? I am an introvert, very shy, loner by birth. I act […]

On that break…

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“Savor life: don’t just breathe it in; exhale the moment to intake the next.” -KC Rhoads Photographer :Evans Ogeto Am having a regular work day  but two things don’t seem right: sudden craving of these one piece chicken from chicken inn and a sudden heightened sense of smell. But well, as a woman you blame […]

Do you rock the Tomboy style right?

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Are you a Tomboy ? Daring enough to show the world how well you rock it? is giving away to one lucky Facebook fan a free photo shoot, to be featured on the blog. Read on and enter to win. HOW TO ENTER In-order to be eligible you MUST fulfill the following two requirements Like She’s […]

The African Daughter…

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  Introducing someone’s future daughter in-law . At least from the part of Africa where I come from,this is how you show up…the dress always has to be long.Thinking otherwise , let’s see how flexible you will be when your time comes. Dear future husband, that’s if you will be coming from this part of […]


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Photographer :Evans Ogeto Shoot location:K.I.C.C, Nairobi, Kenya. Who doesn’t have that one dress that suits  all their  girly needs without much thought: a random date, a fine night out or better yet, one to flaunt in all your curves? This is that dress for me, I have had it for about 4 years now 🙂 …my […]

The Lure…

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  “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” ~ Victor Hugo. February, being the month of love, I decided to go all out on red to  bring out the woman that I am- passionate. I picked out this little red dress to express this. […]

The waist coat…

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This is for the official days…chic with some room to be a little bit jumpy. I am somewhat skeptical on the choice of top, I would have gone for a plain blouse/shirt… though this human who gives a final say on my choice of girly stuff, thinks otherwise 🙂 The waist coat is a little reminder […]