Hold Up…literally



Ever looked at some piece of clothing and wondered how you would look in them? How about how they would make you feel or better still, what would someone else think about it?

Photography by: Evans Ogeto

Today’s collection is one of those pieces I have been too reluctant to try.

I mean why hold up my trousers when my tailor does a better job at fitting or better still the guy who sends them to our local Gikomba or Toi market got my measurements right 🙂 …and the shoes just got upgraded from the once in a while section to daily wear.

I was quite amazed with the end results and my wardrobe just got a new section… the suspenders!!!








Have a lovely week.


13 Replies to “Hold Up…literally”

  1. completely love the look, if this comment could warrant the suspenders being passed down to me, i will be very grateful *runsandhides

    1. Thank you 🙂 … you never know what Santa might have in store

  2. I will definitely try this look. So when do i pick and the suspenders and where? And that subtle make up is the bomb! And the photographer, i die.

    1. You should, you should. I am sure that you will love the feeling that comes with it…as for the suspenders, well, well…I will pass the message to the photographer 🙂

    2. Danjo I see you have beaten me to the chase…those suspenders are really something. Rael send your dealer to me pretty please!

      1. Hahahaha, there is this market just before City market that operates on Fridays and Saturdays, that’s where the dealer is…

  3. Always stunning….always interesting! I always wait for the next read! I love!

  4. Everything about this post is just super! You look great and the photographer’s work is just dope.

  5. You are almost turning me into a tom boy too, am falling inlove with the dress code, am thinking suspenders and loafers now

    1. 🙂 Comfort is key and you can always switch in between..try

  6. Some of us are rehabilitating tomboys …..this is how we lapse back! Is it possible to where those office boots that men wear with this outfit? hmm….. and I can picture a bowtie too……please try and let us cowards see! 😉

    1. Brilliant idea…watch this space.

  7. Great. Happy for you.

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