The African Daughter…


Shes a tomboy-Long Red Dress-1-5Shes a tomboy-Long Red Dress-1-7Shes a tomboy-Long Red Dress-1-6Introducing someone’s future daughter in-law .

At least from the part of Africa where I come from,this is how you show up…the dress always has to be long.Thinking otherwise , let’s see how flexible you will be when your time comes.

Dear future husband, that’s if you will be coming from this part of my Africa, I got you covered…if you will be from some other part of the world, I might as well carry my Africa  .

Meanwhile, we resume the usual tomboy business in the next post…that was a well deserved break.

Dressed by : Angela Chebet

Photographer :Evans Ogeto

Shoot location:K.I.C.C, Nairobi, Kenya.

Shes a tomboy-Long Red Dress-1Shes a tomboy-Long Red Dress-1-3Shes a tomboy-Long Red Dress-1-10

Lovely day.


10 Replies to “The African Daughter…”

  1. Stella Mollen says: Reply

    I like, now you can go to your inlaws. Looking great

  2. Aki we had better resume tomboy business… This is where I come for ideas yaye. Haujanimind.
    On the bright side Yu still rocking the girlie look.

    1. Next post…next post..

  3. Its really amazing how both looks work for you 😍

  4. hey, you look so familiar, ( you work at telkom? )
    you have a beautiful blog btw, lovely 🙂

  5. #teamtomboyposts 🙂

  6. Impressive..

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