About that Tomboy lifestyle…

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Last month, we hosted a GIVEAWAY to reward one of our Facebook readers with a photo shoot. The feedback was amazing. Thank you to all the participants and all our readers for your compliments, comments and or suggestions.

Meet Ms. Joan, the winner….

How would you describe Joan?

I am an introvert, very shy, loner by birth. I act silly at times, joke and act serious in equal measure. I can be noisy and quiet depending on the occasion.I respect people’s choices and I just  love my freedom.Professionally I am a mathematician and a computer scientist. Above everything,I fear my God .

What do you like doing for fun?

I play soccer for my favorite team: Old is Gold Slum Youth (OGSY), a ladies soccer team in the Kenya women premier league .

How would describe your style?

My style is old school, yet multi generational and current as well .I dress down most of the time . My favorite color is white, half if not all the time, you will find me in a white t-shirt and or vest. Except when am in bed (am tempted to ask what her sleep wear looks like, dear curiosity stay put)

Why this style?

It’s simple,easy to manage and very comfortable.

What do your friends and family think about your style?

My friends are fascinated and think I am a unique person.My family respects my style….my younger sister never gets enough of it

Any favorite attire?

I am very unpredictable on that, though Jeans and t-shirts would pass for any-day. A watch is a must have. I put on dresses on special occasions i.e to friends weddings.  Skirts are for indoor weekends

What do you think about She’s A Tomboy?

It’s a good platform to encourage Tomboys to be proud and comfortable in themselves and that there is nothing wrong with them and to teach the world to embrace diversity in this unique ,unspoken wardrobe that is commonly mistaken.

Anything we can improve?

 You are on the right track, it’s just a matter of time for this to be the next big thing …

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Any thoughts?

Photography by : Evans Ogeto


34 Replies to “About that Tomboy lifestyle…”

  1. Kefrine Nzaywa says: Reply

    wow…i love this

    1. Joan ohanga says: Reply

      Thank you, Kefrine, :-):-):-)

  2. Yooooo….where are the suspender shots? Na feel nimecheswa.
    And I agree with her. Tomboys are normally misunderstood.

    1. Hahahaha haujacheswa, coming soon…the next post

    2. Joan ohanga says: Reply

      Thanks, 🙂 🙂

    3. Joan ohanga says: Reply


  3. I love this, nice one

    1. Joan ohanga says: Reply

      Thanks a lot, 🙂 🙂

  4. Read this and “more of this please” is what is on my mind. There are (tomboys) so misunderstood and I believe this platform enables them air out and correct the notions, big up Rael and your crew … more please

    1. Joan ohanga says: Reply

      Thanks, Maranje, 🙂 🙂

  5. Akhayele Jesse Hannah says: Reply

    My sister..😉😝😜😛😍 This is amazing

    1. Joan ohanga says: Reply

      Thanks a lot, mudhii, 🙂 🙂

  6. She is fun to hang around with. never though have I ever had any views to have a negative opinion about Joan. She is super cool 🙂

    1. Joan ohanga says: Reply

      Thank you, 🙂 🙂

  7. Renah Amondi says: Reply


    1. Joan ohanga says: Reply


  8. https://Suitup55.wordpress.com signing in today’s register.Wow!! way to go @She’satomboy.What a platform your providing for such ladies.I particularly love her thoughts on the last question, it must have made you dance for joy on the inside. just a by the way. Only one question to joan and @She’satomboy, how do you respond to people who refers to you as a he unintentionally because of this look??

    1. Joan ohanga says: Reply

      I usually give that infectious smile and let it be coz I understand it’s nobody’s fault….then,am used to it, so,am easy whenever it comes up….

      1. Wow!! love that…*infectious smile*. one last question @She’satomboy and joan , does being a tomboy mean that you cannot put on girly things e.g. make up, dresses, skirts etc and if not, kindly make the meaning clear

        1. Hello Bernard, when called to the occasion, we go the entire 9 yards…it’s just not our daily cup of tea.

  9. Big up homie

    1. Joan ohanga says: Reply

      Thank you, 🙂 🙂

  10. Wow, I dint see other contestants but from the shots I think u made the right judgment by picking Joan. Can she disclose her age please( if allowed, for further judgment tho

    1. Thank you Lucy… a girl’s age is her little secret :),

  11. Oh My goodness…… I can Completely Identify. This was me Untill I got My first Job in 2004. I was forced to Get my first Handbag and a skirt suit. The Boys used to treat me like one of the Guys and some of them still do ……. It youst to get Uncomfortable especially whrn thry started getting comfortable enough to discuss guys’ stuff infront of me.

  12. Joan ohanga says: Reply

    Thank you,:-):-)

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  15. I love that style…..😍

    1. Thanks Shiro 😍

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